Community Development

Community Development

Community Buidling and Development is a process where people with share interests or concerns come together to take collective action and generate solutions to common problems.

As community development specialists, Gordy Building Group seeks to empower individuals and groups of people with the resources,  skills, and dwellings, and facilities they need to effect change within their communities. Significant for local social, economic, cultural, environmental are used as the catalists for establisihing the foundation upon which to  formulate solutions to meet the needs of a common agenda called on by these social groups.

Community development takes into consideration for long term impact. An effective infrastructure plan design and basic and advanced community infrastructure. Gordy Building Group staff has over 40 years of experience in home building and land development. It’s team  and the alliance partners are well versed in the installation of  water anad sewer, grading and  roads and the current infrastructure needs of communities they serve.

The future levels of sustainability, economic opportunity, affordability or exclusivity, connectivity and other factors will be impacted by the active design and execution of our plans today for a successful neighborhoods tomorrow. 

Take a look at the video that shares examples of a few past projects.  These contributed to members of Gordy Building Group staff and strategic alliance partners becoming a well versed and experienced Builder and Developer a variety of types residential communities.    

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